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02/18/09Posted a link to Dave's recording of Seven7 to Checkout Band Videos for 2009
02/16/09Pictures posted from Montan'a in Alpharetta that were taken February 13, 2009 Checkout 2009 Photos
02/14/09Posted a video of Huggy singing Billy Jean February 13 2009 at Montana's in Alpharetta, GA Checkout Band Videos for 2009
02/11/09Posted Pictures of Shakerz performance on February 07, 2009 Checkout 2009 Photos
02/04/09Posted a video of John singing play that funky music accomanied by Chris and MJ on January 31 2009 at Fat Daddy's in Athens GA Checkout Band Videos for 2009
03/26/07Its been ages since I updated this.. but this is definately news worthy.... Mike Williams (AKA Huggy Bear) from risky business who was also one the founding members of rhythm eclipse, has joined us as our lead male vocalist. Checkout Rhythm Eclipse and Mike Williams
08/04/06Dennis Lindsay, Kim Turner, Chris Turner, and Michael Nelson have joined John in the all new Seven 7 Band  
10/11/05Dennis Lindsay has returned as Seven 7's lead guitarist Checkout Dennis's webpage...
07/08/05Seven 7 gets a new female vocalist. Meet Amy Chambers!
06/26/05Major line up changes MJ leaves.  Aaron and T.C. rejoin the band. Amy and Jeff leave.
06/07/05Posted new photos from the First Ever totally awesome 80s prom live in Newnan, GA at Alamo Jacks View 80s theme party pics.
05/26/05Just added a new poll.  This time vote to determine the future material of Seven 7! Take the new dane band poll!
05/12/05Added some new photos from Kenny's Alley last weekend View Kenny's Alley's Photos
04/22/05Just added a new poll thing for fun and to get a little feedback from our site's visitors.  Take this weeks poll.
03/09/05John broke his ankle.  Dennis Lindsay will be filling in during recovery period.Visit Dennis' page
01/18/05Finally posted some new photos from December 2004View them here.
01/14/05Opening for John Hayes cancelledSorry. :(  We found out on the 14th that we wouldn't be playing on the 15th.
01/09/05Added a new old song.Billy Jean by Michael Jackson
01/01/05Added FAQs page to answer common questions we get.Get all your questions answered via visiting our Frequently Asked Questions area.
12/26/04Improved the online booking process and streamlined its interface.Book Seven 7 for your private event and see how easy it is!
12/22/04Updated and repaired the advanced ticket purchase area.  The online calendar now displays flyers for upcoming shows.View our calendar's flyersPurchase advance tickets.
12/13/04Thanks to Melissa, Seven 7 now has more photos for your viewing pleasureReview the photos now displayed from Klassics December 12, 2004
11/17/04Fixed the guestbook so that new posts are now chronologically top to bottom (most recent posts are on top)Read and sign the guestbook.
11/05/04Thank you to all who joined us last week for the 1st time at Southern Stage.  Help us pack the house at Club DownUnder SATURDAY NIGHT only, by printing lots of flyers and giving them to anyone who's interested.  Kill a tree, for your and me!
10/11/04The Dawgs lost, but the tailgate party was a huge success.  Just ask Ben Harris.Read our testimonials.
09/21/04New lower prices on shirts.  Concert shirts now available that include the original flyer.Get you a shirtGet a customized shirt.
09/15/04Mary Jane (Drummerette Extrordinaire) is backVisit Mary Jane's page.
09/09/04Seven 7 gets a new drummer.  (and a new web page for him)  Sign the guestbook, check out Charles at his 1st gig with us October 1.Visit Charles' page, and find out more about seven 7's new guitarist.
09/07/04Seven 7 gets a new guitarist.  (and a new web page for him) He's an incredible experienced player with lots of talent and real professionalism!  Sign the guestbook, and welcome Jeff Toney to the band!Visit Jeff's page, and find out more about seven 7's new guitarist.
08/19/04Seven 7 gets a new guitarist.  (and a new web page for him) He's a great guitarist, a funny man, and a real asset!  Sign the guestbook, and welcome the Todd Hernnon!Visit Todd's page, and find out more about seven 7's new guitarist.
07/26/04A new feature for saving our fans money.  If you are coming to the gig, why not save 40 to 50% off the admission price.Buy advance tickets to upcoming Seven 7 shows.
07/26/04What a good time at Downunder Saturday night.  Special thanks to Tim for filling in.   View the flyer from Down Under!
07/19/04Aaron rejoin's Seven 7 as our 'permanent' drummer.View Aaron's webpage.
07/12/04Seven 7 had a terrific weekend, with our best turn out in our history Saturday night!  Dozens of people told us we never sounded better!  Nice Work Amy Pritchett!  Melissa celebrated her birthday with us, and we all had a great time.   Special Thanks to Amy Holloway who did a great job of Can't you See, and some awesome harmonies!   Also Todd (Dr. Rock&Roll) jumping in with his saxophone and great harmonies on Friday night, was a real treat!Happy Birthday Melissa!  Thanks for partying with Seven 7 July 9 and 10, 2004 at Klassics in Athens, Georgia.
07/07/04Seven 7's final gig? Rumor... SQUASHED!  Amy Pritchett has rejoined Seven 7, this time as our lead vocalist!Check out Amy's new page.
06/25/04Who would have guessed again?  Mary Anne, who has sang with Seven 7 for ALMOST a year, has decided  to PERAMANENTLY leave Seven 7.  A public note of thanks for working so hard during your first few months.   Goodbye Maryanne!
06/01/04Who would of guessed?   An old friend of Seven7's comes back to the limelight!Welcome back Mike St. Pierre!
05/20/04You can now book your event, and make deposits to secure your booked dates online. You can also donate extra money, if you are so inclined.Give Seven 7 FREE (or earned) money.
05/05/04Our Store is now fully functional.  You can buy hats, t-shirts, and pay for the shipping of our FREE CDs and DVDs.Visit the Seven 7 sto.
04/21/04Zosia rejoins Seven 7 as our new Keyboard PlayerCheck out Zosia's page.
3/24/04Lots of photos added from DownriggersNew Photos!
03/15/04Aaron's 1st gig with Seven 7 was awesome.  All the auditions and rehearsals paid off when the show took off without a hitch.  Got new pictures of Aaron as well as the band, too.  See the new pics of Aaron here!
03/05/04A grueling week.. We've auditioned 6 drummers and found the right one...Visit Aaron's Empty web page!
02/27/04Seven 7 is seeking a permanent and dedicated drummer.  Contact us via email if you are interested! 
11/18/03New pictures.  And made the photos area slightly more accessible.Special thanks to Tonie for taking all the snapshots at last weeks Downriggers Show.  Actually got a few fans in a few, so snoop around, you might find you.
10/30/03Tod Wilson gets a webpage.  That slacker web administrator finally got up off his sorry ass and made some updates.  Ohhh ahh wait, that sorry ass slacker is me. :)Visit Tod's bio page.
10/29/03New pictures.Got a few snap shots up from the Auburn City Fall Festival as well as the Firehouse in Suwannee.  A change of scenery is nice once in awhile.... ENJOY!
10/21/03Marathon Weekend is coming....This weekend Seven 7 has 3 public gigs! Friday night we will be shaking things up out on the dancefloor at the Firehouse in Suwanee.   Saturday, bring the family to downtown Auburn.  Our G Rated show starts at 4:00 and we will be done by 6:00 so your little ones can still be in bed early enough for you to make it over to the Downriggers where our dance party begins at 9:00 PM at the Downriggers Club in Winder.
10/13/03Seven 7 Store is underway...Check out the latest unfinished area of the web by clicking here.
9/25/03Seven 7 suffered a serious blow when Mary Anne's Boyfriend, and the bands long time friend died in a fatal car crash on Thursday.  we will all miss Frank, and express our condolences to his family and other friends.Mary Anne Kicks Ass at Downriggers on 9-26-03 despite the loss of her boyfriend.
 Google has re-added Seven 7's listing.  Still the greatest seach tool on the web.Click here to visit google's search.
9/24/03Google has removed Seven 7's listing.  Apparently 2 submissions in this website's 2 month history made it spam!click here for a site that is actually listed
09/12/03We have added a guest book to our website, this will provide our every growing fan base with a home to provide feedback to us and to talk with each other.  Much like a telephone, but without the new fangled mumbo jumbo like syncronous/two-way communication.Click here to complain, anonomously. :)
09/10/03Addition of Seven 7 Band News PageClick on this link to stay here!
09/10/03Tim's Bio finally written (but not by tim) John's take on seven7's litte drummer boy
09/09/03New video and audio clips from August 29 Safari gigSeven 7 band songlist and music pages.

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